November 30, 2013

Kitchen Aid Experience

Since my aunt Samantha, the Cookie Queen, is in town, we ventured out to historic Greenville for the Kitchen Aid Experience. Home to the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer since 1941, the experience retail center allows you to take a step back in time starting with the original model H (first made in 1908).

We hopped down the time traveling stairs to visit the museum first. 

While very small, anyone with a knack for history or spending time in the kitchen would find this corner ode to Kitchen Aid fascinating. 

The little girls had fun cooking in the play kitchen too.

After our quick trip, we bustled back into the present and took advantage of the Christmas and Black Friday sales.

After finishing up in bakers' heaven, we bundled and walked across the street to The Beanery for a hot cuppa joe.

Cozy and delicious!

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