September 22, 2013

A New Season

This little virtual piece of my life has been pretty neglected lately, but the festivities from the weekend are too good not to pop up and share with you.

On Saturday Corey and I successfully ran our first half-marathon. 13.1 miles, baby!
We ran the half as part of the US Air Force Marathon event at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base--a goal we've been working towards since February when we signed up! 
To be honest, I didn't stick to my training schedule like I originally planned ever since school started back up in August. Not one to give up though, I busted my butt these last few weeks making sure my confidence was up and my body was ready. 
I was surprised how awesome I felt the whole time. This picture was when I saw my amazing supporters and cheerleaders, my mom and friend Sheryl and her sister! I was SO extremely happy to see them. They truly gave me a whole new burst of energy to make it through to the finish line.

I didn't notice any soreness or tightness in my legs until around the last mile and a half, but by then I was on a pure runner's high of adrenaline and motivation from the crowds of spectators and let me tell you, crossing that finish line felt unlike any other physical accomplishment and it was AMAZING!

My goal was simply to run the entire race without stopping, no matter my time and I did just that coming in at 2:25:34. Corey also made his goal and came in under 2 hours at 1:51:33. I can't wait to do another! If you're interested I used Hal Higdon's novice training plan and really loved the relaxed increase in mileage for this beginner runner.
Tonight Corey and I got to relax with his family as we got together in spirit of the new season! It was so fun and the weather was perfect to usher in Autumn.
Corey's mom made chili and grilled hot dogs and everyone brought something to share. She had a lot of pumpkins, games, and a cozy fire. It was a lot of fun getting to talk with everyone and hangout.
Cody's brother popped the question on Friday to his now fiance, Malitsa, so she got to show off her new bling, too!
It was a great night, Corey and I left a bit early--it's a school night! But I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone and hanging out! 
Thanks for such a great night, Beth! It was the perfect way to end the weekend and feel fully relaxed before the work week! 

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