August 4, 2013

Zoo Day

As I am trying to let go of the fact that summer vacation is coming to a close (1 week from tomorrow is my first day of school--eek!), I am filling my schedule with all last minute summer activities. Yesterday, that meant heading down to the Cincinnati Zoo with my mom and sister.

We started with breakfast at First Watch where I had the special, an unbelievably decadent Banana BruleƩ waffle with maple bacon. It was very good but as much as I love my syrup soaked carbs in the morning, it was a little too sweet like dessert for me. My mom and sister both enjoyed their french toast and omelet.

When we arrived at the zoo the weather was a tad gloomy and drizzly however, it quickly dried up and made for an enjoyable, crowdless day. Monica wanted to see her favorite animals, the elephants, so we headed there first.

 They were feeding when we walked up which was fun to watch, and then we ventured over to the male who was on the other side of the exhibit by himself.

Next we walked to the next exhibit over to see my mom's favorite animals, the giraffes. We even got to feed them which was really cool! They were a cute little family. Mom, Pops, and a wee little one. This is the baby.

And I got to feed the Papa, Kimba.
My favorite black and white animal only appears in a select few zoos so there wasn't anything I was dying to see that I haven't seen before so from here we basically wondered, taking a look at all of God's beautiful creation as we strolled. 

 Of course, now Monica wants a bird!
The zoo is technically the zoo and botanical garden, so there are a lot of pretty and unique plants dotted around the park. 

The polar bear was probably my favorite and he even gave us a little growl as he stepped out the pool. 

Another one of my favorite parts was watching the cheetah encounter where we saw a young cheetah play with her puppy
 Yes, you heard right...her puppy! The dog was a rescue pup and allows the young cheetah to play and practice using her instincts and they were actually quite cute friends.

They will play together until the young cheetah becomes too old and the rescue pup will be taken home by one of the zoo keepers. 

It was quite a fun day spent just us girls! :) 

Now I'm off to channel Ms. Cheetah and run 6 miles for today's half-marathon training workout! 

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