July 2, 2013

What'd You Do Today?

I don't know about you, but I did a lot of moseying about today. It was quite enjoyable and I got a few treats out of it so naturally it was pretty good day. I got up around 9 but didn't really do anything until 10 so let's start there.

10:00 am
I had a berry peach smoothie which was--ehh, okay. My smoothies are a lot of trial and error. I added a teaspoon of ground flax seed which gave it a nutty flavor I could've done with out.

11:45 am
I completed day 2 of my 12 week half-marathon training workout. It was cloudy this morning and even though the sun popped out on my run, I managed to make it through my 3 miles, slight humidity and all.
 That picture isn't actually from today, but I did wear those shorts...it counts.

1:00 pm
I had some ice cream, that's right--before my lunch.

1:45 pm
Had this moment...
when I shot this stellar shot...and then the teacher in me was like, "I'm printing this out for a science lesson." I was so impressed I could see the pollen all over the bee and caught the other bee flying away in the background. Well done, Canon EOS M.

2:00 pm
Lunch was leftover bowtie pasta with homemade pesto and Italian sausage. I wolfed it down. No pictures of that. You're welcome.

2:30 pm
Branched out and folded some laundry while watching an episode of Gilmore Girls. Oh, middle school memories. That and Alias are the only shows I have religiously watched during original air time. Let's throw Greek in that mix too. Quality tv right there.

3:45 pm
Tried out a new farmer's market...
... and tried raw milk!

4:30 pm
Devoured a delicious, simple vanilla cupcake before dinner. Just call me a dessert rebel today.

5:00ish...I'm losing track 
Filled up my car like gas was going out of style...yeah, I guess that's cheap now.

Finished up a care package for one lucky friend :) You'll never receive a care package from me in a plain ol' envelope.

6:00 pm
Dinner from the best kitchen in town....my mama's! By the way, you want some good reading material about a woman in the military 20 years ago? Click on that link right there. Start at the beginning. You won't be disappointed...until you get to the end that is...

7:15 pm
Walked the dog.

7:16 pm
Took some selfies. Can't let a day of actually dressing out of gym shorts and a t-shirt go undocumented, right?

And here we are! Now I'm just typing this up waiting for Corey to finish up with his workout so he can entertain me! :)

What'd you do today?


  1. Ice cream before a meal (or ice cream as a meal...) is perfectly acceptable. I like your pink shorts!

  2. "You won't be disappointed...until you get to the end that is..." You've got that right!! Been waiting for another entry for-evah!! Are you ever going to be born??

  3. As a fellow teacher, I was doing work avoidance by doing a little blog stalking, before knuckling down to find a picture of a bee helping with pollinating to show my class, when I came across the perfect bee picture! It is fate telling me my procrastinating is okay. Can I copy it to show my class?!

  4. Amanda @ A Latte LearnApril 2, 2014 at 8:11 PM

    procrastination paid off! I love it when that happens. You can absolutely share the picture with your class :)



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