July 21, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a...

It keeps happening. Dreams. Well, nightmares. I keep having nightmares about the first day of school. To put it simply I am unprepared and do things like forget my kids at lunch while I'm off hanging out and pick them up 30 minutes late while other teachers and the principal are angrily looking for me. By the end of the dream I've completely lost it and everybody at school is giving me the look of shame.
Obviously I don't read much into the dream, but if you couldn't tell what is constantly on my mind lately...I am definitely in back to school mode. Yesterday I had to return some items to IEKA and ended up scoring a few new ones for my classroom.

After tomorrow the floors will be waxed and I'll be allowed back in the building to work. Between that, scouring the ads, and some words of wisdom from all who have come before me, I will be pretty busy the next few weeks.

Summer doesn't have to be completely over though and for my sanity, I haven't become completely overruled by school. Last night Corey and I met up with Natalie and her boyfriend, Mark for some dinner. I have no pictures of us lovely people--I have got to work on that! But here's what we were up to.
We all met up in the Oregon District at a new to us restaurant, Lucky's Taproom Eatery. They boast 20 craft beers on tap which they are constantly switching out for new things as well as two separate grills-- one for the meaties and one to go with their extensive vegan/veggie menu.
We had a good time chatting, eating, and drinking. I had a blueberry beer and the Lucky Burger which was topped with a red cabbage slaw, beef patty cooked to order, beer cheese, and bacon.

The burger was okay but the real show stopper were the fries, especially the sweet potato fries that Natalie and Mark had. I'm not a big sweet potato person, but I would seriously make a trip to Lucky's just for a plate of those!

We said our goodbyes to our friends, and then Corey and I finished out the evening with his and hers fro-yo :)

See? I can be unstressed about school...now back to work!

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