July 17, 2013

Art History for Two, Please

This week we have had some high heat temps in the forecast. Yesterday hit 94º F and the humidity made it feel 10 times worse! Today the heat index is expected to be 100+. Needless to say I've been on the hunt for some indoor activities to enjoy.

My sister happened to be off from work yesterday, so we made a trip the Dayton Art Institute for an afternoon immersed in art history.

Amongst other value deals, admission is free for students. Upon arrival we saw that the Andy Warhol: Athletes and the Art of Sport exhibit was still in town (through September 1st) so we paid the $10 to view it first.
Photography was sadly not allowed in the exhibit, but the art was incredible and it was neat to see the athletes Warhol chose to feature. I was really wishing I could the break the rules to capture Warhol's, Pete Rose in a Red's uniform (whoo-Ohio!), but rules are rules. Monica and I did have some fun with the screen printing app set up on some iPads in the exhibit.
Just like Warhol, huh?

The exhibit was small and we were done fairly quickly which left us with the rest of our afternoon to browse the other galleries.

It was very peaceful and relaxing to walk through the bright, wide open galleries and marvel at the artistic talent and history that is preserved there. My favorite galleries were Post World War II and Modern Americanism. The artwork in these rooms were so colorful and abstract.

 This one was so plain and simple and almost looked like water colors spilled around the edges. Its simplicity and pops of color are why I loved it so much.

We spent a fair bit of time enjoying the shaded walk around the Italian Cloister and of course snapping lots of pictures. I could've napped in such a lovely place between the sound of the fountain and the classical music pushing through the overhead speakers.

We rounded out the trip honoring the classics and stopped by one of Monet's many, Water Lilies.

And some playtime in the children's area, the Experiencenter. It was right up my ally because their latest exhibit is called, I See Rhythm. And in their words, it is designed for hands on exploration of the creative space between Art and Music. I highly recommend taking children to see and explore...

 ...and drool over jellybean people!

Of the museums you have visited, which is your favorite?

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