June 13, 2013

Yes, I Snap Pictures of Food

Today started out pretty rainy and gloomy around here...my kind of lounging around day! I had plans to go to a Farmer's Market, but I think I will hold off until Saturday. More vendors will be there anyway.

This morning my sister introduced me to a new app called The Eatery. It's a food app where you document your eats to keep track of what you've eaten and how healthy it is. The best part...you just snap a quick pic!
I like it because I already love to snap pictures of what I'm eating. (yes, I am that person--I have no shame, but the blogging community understands, right?) I've also tried and failed at keeping up with apps like My Fitness Pal and even a handwritten food journal. I just cannot be consistent with uploading or writing each individual thing I eat. Maybe I'm not committed or don't put in enough effort, but this photo log sounds more my speed.
How it works is you upload pictures of your eats and then give it a personal rating on a sliding scale from fat to fit. From there other people will also rate your pic, giving you a good idea of how your meal compares to "what's healthy". You can also rate other members meals in the fit to fat feed. 
One downfall is that because people can rate you however they feel, it's not the most accurate recording. However I like it just so that I can see my own rating and quickly look back at what I've eaten so far throughout the day or what my week looked like. Here was my first meal using the app today, breakfast. 
After playing food photographer and eating, Franklin and I took advantage of the rain (he refuses to take walks in it!) and sat down to enjoy a movie while I worked on some school stuff, which I'll be sharing soon.

Of course, I watched this....
Have a great day--it's almost the weekend! 

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