June 26, 2013

USAF Museum Field Trip

Today was a pretty eventful day! We're almost halfway through summer break (eek!) and today the other summer teachers and I took our kids to the National Museum of the US Air Force.
Now if you're a Daytonian this 3 (soon to be 4!) aircraft hangar, building is nothing new. In fact, it may seem like a boring outing because you've been twice a year since you were 10 years old. I admit it. I complained about visiting as a kid because, "We've been here a million times...".
field trip circa 2010
Being a bit older and taking kids who have never been is always enjoyable to me now. To see kids' amazement in a new experience is so cool. And one of my favorite things about visiting the AF museum is that I always see and learn something new every time that I go.

Today's group was no exception as I heard a lot of "whoaah" and "cooool" and "My grandpa was in WWII--I think I see him in that picutre!" ⬅ Leave it to kids to let their imagination run with the truth!

The history of flight and aircraft and the stories to be told are interesting and engaging. The kids loved the variety of planes and were surprisingly very interested in the WWII hangar. They also loved the section with the spacecraft and were able to see the 3D IMAX movie, Space Junk

Being the profound museum that it is, the USAF museum is visited by people from around the globe who are interested in experiencing all the history it holds. I encourage you to take a trip sometime soon whether you've never been or you've been a million times. There's something for everybody! 

I've linked to the website above which has a great amount of information about visits, tours, educational trips, and even camps for kids! I know I would like to go again to explore some of the other exhibits outside of the 3 main hangars including the outdoor Air Park, Presidential Aircraft, and Research and Development. (Due to the Sequestration, the Presidential Aircraft and Research and Development buildings are closed to the public as of May 1, 2013) 
Be you 5 or 95 schedule a trip soon because you're bound to see something worth ooing and ahhing over. My kids got a kick out of the fact this plane had the same symbol as our school mascot!

If you can't make it in person or you're just dying to see what planes are in the presidential hangar (I am!), you can take a virtual tour
What's your favorite Air Force Museum exhibit? If you've never been what would you like to see there?

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  1. Looks like you had fun! I went there a couple of months ago when my boyfriends sister was visiting! It's so cool!



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