June 3, 2013

Strawberry Festival

Festival season is in full swing! Yesterday Corey and I headed over to walk around at the Troy Strawberry Festival and I had one main goal--festival food!
Once there we made up our game plan which was to walk the length of the festival and then decide on things we would double back for and buy later.
I absolutely love browsing local vendor booths at festivals and yesterday wasn't any different. Though some homemade items at festivals tend to be cheesy to me, there were some great finds!
I was lovin' that Miami was so well represented in the sports and spirit items! I even saw a few more cool Miami themed things, but wasn't allowed to take a photo of them. 
One purchase though I did settle on and it had nothing to do with Miami. I always keep my eyes peeled for spoon rings at any festival I attend and yesterday I was in luck! I walked away with this fun ring and I love it!

Now I did mention that this all had to do with strawberries and let me tell you the treat I chose did not disappoint.
Originally I had my heart set one some strawberry donuts but the line was ridiculously long and not worth the wait to me. Strawberry funnel cake was the next best thing!

It didn't really have much of a strawberry flavor to me but the novelty of the pink was fun and who doesn't love funnel cake?
Corey stopped and got strawberry smoothies for us and then happy and full of sugar we headed home!

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