June 20, 2013

Lazy Summer Musings

Oh, Summer. You've made me as lazy as I can possibly be. These past few days have been true lazy summer days which is awesome. However, I am glad that I have a few things on the schedule this weekend and next week that required a little bit of plan ahead time.
Yes, the Glo Run being one of them! SO excited to experience this fun run!

Anyway, here's a little of how a teacher on summer break with no plans spends her time...

Trying new things from Trader Joe's. (Thanks Courtney for the tip!)

Giving my Hunters a workout by using them for their intended purpose. No, not as a fashion statement...that's my usual purpose.

Battling pool hair...a braid right out of the water works best for my curly hair. That way nobody can see the would be giant frizzball if I left it down to dry.

Doing lots of online shopping...These are the stickygrams I bought! They're magnets made from your instagram pics. You can buy some too and use this code: FRIENDNJTP for $2 off! Is it bad that sometimes I can't remember how many packages may be in transit to my house? Eh, maybe. 

Taking walks with this creature. These were rest breaks because he was so hot and his little yorkie legs were tired.

Taking shameless running selfies...I start my half-marathon training plan in 12 days! I won't be this smiley.

So yeah, there are a few ways I have been so wisely using up my time. Now onto some sand volleyball tonight--we're undefeated! (because of forefits--but who cares! hehe) 

What Summer activities have you been up to lately?

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  1. If Avonlea cooperates, I will be at the Glo Run, too! Hopefully I'll see you there!



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