June 17, 2013

Garage Band in the Classroom

The other day when it was raining I wrote that I was working on something for the classroom (which I did) but lucky for me the weather cleared up early and I was able to get some outside time. I took a drive over to Corey's parents house and did a little strawberry picking in his mom's garden.

These fresh berries were so bright and juicy. The flavor of homegrown produce is sweet and delicious and I love knowing that these babies aren't pumped full of any hormones or pesticides. Au Natural.

I used the berries to make a batch of strawberry cupcakes with a lemon icing. If that doesn't sound like summer, I don't know what does!

Okay--so the school thing. During stations for Language Arts this year, I know that I want to incorporate a listening center. Hopefully I can find some cheap or donated ipod shuffles to use--fingers crossed! Tape players are definitely a thing of the past and cumbersome, iPads would be great but I only have 1, and using computers would be my next best option for downloading a lot of books and having them easily accesible for firsties.

Hey, I'm not above a little begging. With the hope that I will have ipods to use, my big project has been using Garage Band to create podcasts of me reading some books that I may want to use in centers. I simply record myself reading a book and then go back in and add my sound effects.

 I love the idea of creating my own because I can choose any book to use, add sound effects and background music and I could even record an extension activity that a student would have to complete after listening to the story. Today I'm sharing with you my first book podcast, The Pout Pout Fish.
I first read this book back in college and had to buy two of each in the series when I saw they were only $5 as part of the Kohls Cares for Kids merchandise.

Click on the purple podcast button above to download and listen to my reading. Hopefully you'll be able to use it yourself in your classroom listening center!

If you're a teacher, how do you set up listening stations in your room?

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