June 15, 2013

2nd Street Market

Today is Saturday, but I'm going to be honest...most days are "Saturday" to me now that I'm off from school. But regardless, hooray for the weekend! Since I had to postpone my trip down to the farmer's market on Thursday, I got up this morning and headed there first thing.

This artisan, farmer's market is about 20 minutes from my house and I had no idea it existed until this past week! There were a TON of great vendors and I was overwhelmed by all of the yummy goods to choose from. 

I grabbed some coffee to start and browsed for quite awhile before making my selections. I love that most vendors had generous samples available to try which helped with decision making. There were local farmers with fresh produce, bakers, crafters, butchers--you name it!

I'm a big fan of buying local and this was the perfect place to do it. There's nothing better than eating something grown or handmade right in your own backyard so to speak. Aside from all of the yummy eats, I enjoyed some of the more unique vendors as well.

The herb infused olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes were out of this world! The local company imports their olive oils from Morocco and the vinaigrettes from Italy. Swanky. I sampled many and purchased a bottle of sundried tomato, parmesan garlic infused olive oil. Heavenly! 

They had goods for every member of the family including the 4 legged ones! All of the money from these fancy treats benefited the Humane Society.

My absolute favorite find was a vendor who had beautiful, handmade leather jewelry. I fell head over heels for a watch but only brought enough cash for groceries so I had to pass...for now!

Along with the bottle of olive oil I bought some fresh old-fashioned oats, cous-cous, red quinoa, (all so cheap!) a big loaf of sundried tomato ciabatta bread, fresh eggs, a basil and oregano plant, and a freshly baked soft pretzel for snacking.
I plan on being here once a week this summer for sure! If you're in the Dayton area, check them out!

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