May 30, 2013

Sight Word Differentiation Game

So far my summer is off to a great start! I haven't done much of anything, and that's the way I  like it! ;)
Today Franklin and I spent a little time soaking up some Vitamin D and lounging in the yard. The weather is 80 and perfect! I'm also loving it because tonight at volleyball the sun should make up for the freezing temps we had last week! Ohio, I'll tell ya!

 Franklin always unknowingly ends up with little bits of nature on his face and in his "beard" when he's outside for a long time. I had to laugh.

Though I've enjoyed having "nothing to do" I am so excited about my new job that I cannot stop planning/buying/creating things for the new school year. Last night I tweaked a Pinterest inspired idea and came up with this. 
I've seen variations of sight word Jenga games on Pinterest, but I put my own spin on it to differentiate and make it work for my classroom. 
My school uses Fry Words for sight word recognition. Fry's words are the most common words of our language, grouped by every 100. I created 2 sets of Jenga for the first 200 words.
At my school, students master a list of 25 words at a time at an individual pace. Because of this my students naturally will be on a variety of levels all at one. That's where the differentiation comes in.
I grouped the words by 50 (this will challenge them a bit to see words not on their list, but still be working at their level) and wrote the different levels in 2 colors. Now my students can play in mixed ability groups and not even know that they might have a lower level list than other students. 
 Student A reads black and Student B reads green. Genius!

 I even put a little fun motivation for a second turn in there! :)

There are 54 blocks in a Jenga set and you could use them for just about anything you might need to differentiate in a fun way.

How would you use this game for your classroom?

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  1. ha glad to see someone else who's obsessed with their fur baby :) he's precious!! That game looks like fun..will have to try it out on our next double date night!



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