April 13, 2013

A Big Celebration

Yesterday, my mom had a milestone birthday. The big 5-0 and looking not a day over 29! ;) The celebration was low-key since about a month ago she visited her mother's home country, Puerto Rico, with her sisters as a birthday trip.
My aunts and mother are the 3 in the middle
My grandmother (her mother) passed away when I was a baby and it was so great that she was finally able to visit family and experience Puerto Rico.

Church where my grandmother was baptized in Puerto Rico
To keep the celebration going one last day my mom, sister, and I headed to Butter Cafe for brunch. 

Though the local business is fairly close to me, I had not eaten there before today. I've heard great things and what I really love about it is that they buy ingredients locally. Fresh, organic, local fare--you can't beat that!
The place is charmingly decorated and everything you would expect from a small bakery/cafe. To start we all had some hot, fair-trade coffee and put in our breakfast orders. 
My mom and sister had omelets and I had--wait for it...Chai Tea French Toast!
Talk about a winning breakfast! This decadent french toast was dipped in a chai latte custard, grilled until golden brown, and layered with creamy marscapone cheese to which I topped off with some maple syrup.
We ate, chatted, and sipped coffee until our stomachs could hold no more and then headed out for a quick stop at only my favorite place to run an errand!
If you caught me on Facebok yesterday, you've already read about how wonderful my mom is. But I could never say it enough so I'll say it again! 
My mother is a selfless, gracious woman whom I love and look up to dearly. I couldn't ask for a better example of a mother and I am so blessed to call her my mom! Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope you've enjoyed all of your celebrations.


  1. That chai tea French toast looks delicious!

  2. Such a beautiful post. You and your mom are so lucky to have one another <3

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    And you have such a nice blog !
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    Coline ♡

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