January 31, 2013

Valentunes Benefit Concert

Last night I got to spend some quality time at the ol' alma mater with my good friend, Liz.
We met up to see our former organization, Tau Beta Sigma, host their annual benefit concert, Valentunes.
The ticket sales and donations benefit the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation which provides instruments to students and schools with struggling music programs.
There was some singing...(by a capella boys with no faces because I used my phone's camera w/o the flash) 
And some dancin'...
Playing catch-up...
And lots more in between! If keeping music alive is your thing use my like above and check out the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation.
 Nostalgia, as always, set in the minute my car peeked over the hill and onto campus. And I'm already itching for another reason to go back!
Until next time dear Miami!

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