January 2, 2013

Kicking off the New Year, Raw!

I definitely failed the latter half of last year at keeping up with blog posts, but the New Year is always an excuse for a fresh start, right?!

If you haven't noticed already, my blog's gone through a few changes. I wasn't a big fan of my previous blog name, Live Laugh Learn, and didn't spend much time thinking about the title when I first started.

I thought long and hard (kept the learning aspect) and changed my name to A Latte Learn. I like the play on words better; it keeps my point about LEARNING through life and my absolute love of coffee! Win, win!
The layout is super simple (I may add as I go) but I like it like that! The best thing is that my web address has also changed: alattelearn.com
And the best, best thing is that if you try to access the old address, ilivelaughlearn.blogspot.com, you'll be redirected here! So all of my Pinterest links and what not will still work! Hallelujah!

So, with this fresh blog start also comes a healthy food challenge from Jenna at Wholesome Bits!
photo from Wholesome Bits
Starting today I am taking the challenge of eating only raw foods for 10 days. It has many health benefits which you can read about on Jenna's blog, and it's a great way to jumpstart a healthy new year!

Click on the pic above and it will take you to the facebook group! There you can share recipes, ideas, and encouragement with other participants. 

I know this will be extremely hard--girl loves her bread, and candy!--but I'm extremely moved by the health benefits and nourishing my body right! This 10 day challenge will hopefully set up some healthy habits for me to carry on even after the challenge. I hope some of you join in! Click on the link to Wholesome Bits and the picture above to read what it's all about.

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