January 13, 2013

Food Choices

If you remember back to the first of the year (it's already been 2 weeks!) I took on a raw food challenge. I'll be totally honest and up front right now and tell you that I cut out early from the 10 day challenge and completed about 7 full raw days.
completely raw blueberry tart I made recipe here
Here are some of my thoughts on the whole experience:
  • The obvious health benefits are well worth indulging into a raw foodie lifestyle. And it makes total sense--eating foods from the Earth, as is, all natural, no worries about what else you might be feeding your body.
  • I was surprised at how satiated I felt. I was so worried that I would feel hungry "missing out" on foods I frequented before--ahem, lots of breads and snacks, but I only really felt hungry near meal times or if I was between meals the hunger was quickly squashed by eating a filling snack like an apple or almonds. 
  • "Cooking" is a little more difficult. Because raw foodies do not use heat (or keep it below ~115° F) I found it very difficult to prepare meals. Although there is MUCH to eat without having to prepare a lot, I didn't want to just live on smoothies and fruits and veggies. I wanted a real meal! A lot of recipes and yummy raw food tips I found online called for high speed kitchen tools such as high powered blenders, food processors, dehydrators, etc. While these are not necessary they sure make the raw life a whole heck of a lot easier! Which brings me to my next point.
  • Prepare meals, grocery lists, etc. ahead of time. If you plan to embark on any food challenge of your own I suggest (or rather my mother suggested to me) that you prepare for a week before starting. I bought some fruits, veggies, nut butters, almond milk, and seeds but beyond that I didn't have much of a clue what my meals would consist of! Making a list of do-able recipes and groceries needed will help alleviate any stress to the new diet and help keep you from slipping back into old ways.
My general consensus is that I WILL incorporate more raw foods even whole, raw meals into my diet. Our bodies were not created to ingest all of the highly processed foods on the market today and every day we are, unbeknownst to most, dubiously duped into believing so many "healthy foods" are "healthy" (not enough FDA regulation on what food is created with in the States, IMO!)

This being said, I'm all about the phrase"in moderation" I like cooked pasta, I like baked goods, I like setting my oven to 350°, so depriving myself of these things day to day really starts to wear me down. I know some people say over time you forget about wanting those things, but I don't want to forget! The raw food challenge has me wanting to prepare and cook foods in the healthiest way possible, cut-out processed foods (very difficult for me; will be a long journey--but worth it--I actually felt sick when I started eating non-raw snack foods again!) incorporate some raw meals, and still take time to indulge in foods like this because after all, we are human!
What are your feelings on raw food or vegan diets? Would you try a week long challenge?


  1. I am an avid raw foodie! I go through spurts, a week or two at a time, where I do completely raw. It's amazing! It's harder during the winter, I have found, but so worth it. It honestly taught me so much about my body and what things make me feel wonderful and horrible.
    Check out my blog for raw recipes and tips :)

    1. It really did teach me so much about my body! I can't wait to try some of your recipes! :)

  2. I actually just went shopping today to start our raw diet! I'm aiming for 80-100% raw Vegan. This way we can have the occassional splurge so we don't end up hating g it. :)

    1. 80/20 is such a great balance! Your shopping loot looks delicious!



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