October 14, 2012

Weekend Festivities

Hey everybody! I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend! Mine started early with no school last Friday. Those are always the best!
My main event this weekend was heading out with my main squeeze to his cousin's wedding on Saturday.

The wedding was simple, yet pretty and the bride and groom looked incredibly happy which is a success in my book!

I was also sporting my very first gel, shellac manicure. So far I have been absolutely loving it, but the price tag is going to keep it as a definite treat/luxury!

The wedding was a quick afternoon gathering so after a little rest Corey and I had a date night at the movies to see Taken 2. We both think Liam Neeson is BA when it comes to movies so we were pumped. The movie was enjoyable...I just can't ever travel to Paris or Istanbul now!

And without further ado, it's that time again, back to the work week everyone! It looks like we'll have more awesome weather to get us through.

Have you ever tried shellac manicures before?

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