October 30, 2012

Veterans Day Freebie--Hoorah!

I know we're not yet through Halloween, but Veterans Day is coming up and boy have I got a treat for you!
 My school has a Veterans Day program put on by our music teacher and it's become a pretty big deal. Local veterans and relatives of students come to enjoy the patriotic program in honor of our wonderful servicemen and women.  I wanted to find a way to incorporate the holiday into my reading groups and came up with the idea for a sight word book. But first, let me share my love for the military!

I'm a military brat thanks to both parents (and proud of it!), and my main squeeze has also served. That alone makes days like Veterans Day heartwarming, but really thinking of any veteran warms my heart!
Daddy-o was an infantry man, a grunt soldier and damn good at it. 
Mama worked in JAG and was damn good at it too. 
The Main Squeeze
The Boy is pursuing special ops, and also damn good at what he does!

Now let me stop bragging tell you all what I have for YOU! Here's the Veterans Day sight word book I created for my younger kiddos and I want to share it with you for free!

The book is very simple, perfect for K-1. It allows you to introduce some key vocabulary related to Veterans Day, and the repetitive element makes it simple enough for students to follow along or read on their own. Here are a couple sample pages below. Click on them to get your freebie.

A few words about my freebie. Please be kind. This is my first attempt at making any kind of teaching resource to share. The cover to the book is at the end of the PDF file (but there is one there!) Also, I couldn't figure out a nifty way to arrange everything so that you didn't have to do any cutting to assemble. Hopefully since it's short you'll still find it pretty easy!



  1. Yeah, I'm the only one with out a weapon. I was fierce.

    1. your weapon was the law, keepin' folks in line!



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