October 16, 2012

Training Day

Just look at the beauty of a lunch I had today!
We'll be back to this goody in a second...

Yesterday you might've caught me complaining about my day. You see, last night I stayed at school until 10 after 5 o'clock. My position requires me to be at grade level data meetings (about twice a week) and yesterday not only did I have one, but then I had to write my sub plans and gather materials for today. (I don't have a plan period during the day) Talk about exhausting!

Toady is a much better story. The reason I needed a sub was because I had a reading intervention program training to attend today. And let me tell you, it was well worth yesterday's long day. Not only was my training insightful and very helpful but also relaxing in its own way. I learned a lot, had a lovely 1½ hour lunch, and finished early which meant getting home earlier! Talk about amazing!

That all brings me back to this...Bagel Cafe, heaven.
It's no high speed Bagel & Deli, but the Bagel Cafe is one of my new favorite sandwich shops. Just 2 minutes away from my training location, I knew I had to get it for lunch. I cozied up, fireplace and all, and had a much more relaxing lunch than my usual 20 minutes in the staff lunch room.
As for the sandwiches, Bagel Cafe offers a huge variety. They serve breakfast all day, have delicious combos grilled or cold, and...coffee!

I went with the grilled chicken pesto sandwich on an everything bagel.
It included: grilled chicken, provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, pesto, lettuce, and tomato. I left off the tomato because there's just something about warm mushy tomatoes that I'm not a fan of...

This sammy was divine and definitely made my day. 

Do you like bagel sandwiches? What did you have for lunch?

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