October 28, 2012

Halloween Treats

Halloween is just around the corner and I'm eating my share of candy corn like it's nobody's business! 
While most of us adults had our celebrations this weekend...

...my school will celebrate with a costume parade and parties galore on the 31st. 
Halloween party during my student teaching
If you're still in need of an idea for your cute kiddos at school here are two very quick, inexpensive options!
  1. Ghost Peep S'more Kit-- This first idea is a Pinterest find from last year, originally posted here. Let me just tell you I searched high and low for ghost peeps this year. I finally found them at Big Lots of all places. Here's how mine turned out.

All you need are 2 graham cracker squares, a fun size hershey bar, and 1 ghost peep! You can download my s'more tags by clicking on the picture below.

2. Food Coupons-- Wendy's has a great deal where you can buy 10 Jr. frosty coupons for a $1 donation to their adoption charity.

 These are such a great deal and easy for those of us who have class sizes...ahem...larger than normal. Being a Title teacher, I see almost 50 kids a day so a cheap treat is definitely necessary for me.
Add a little candy and you're ready to go!

Happy Halloween, everyone!



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