September 30, 2012

Orange Skirt: Round 2

Hey all! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I want to start off the work week by sharing my Teacher Outfit of the Week.

If you remember this post when I bought this orange skirt from J.Crew Factory on super duper sale, then you'll remember it quickly became one of my favorite new outfits.
I've worn it quite a few times, but never have strayed from the black I bring to you J.Crew orange skirt, round 2!
top-Old Navy, skirt-J.Crew, belt-Forever XI, shoes-Target, watch-Fossil
I paired the outfit with my cheetah print flats (same as before). I was torn between my solid camel colored flats, but actually liked the look of mixing patterns, stripes and cheetah. That is a very doable and not overpowering way to mix for this Plain Jane!
I like the little bits of sparkle the sequins add to the top of the shirt and the brightness, but again, not overpowering look of the bright orange bottom and lime green stripes in the shirt.

This, to me, is the ultimate transitional outfit for the beginning of the school year. Next! Although I'm not wishing any extreme cold weather upon us anytime soon. High of 70--you can stay as long as you'd like!

Happy October! pumpkin 

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