September 25, 2012

Lots of Love and Honor!

Homecoming weekend was an absolute blast!!! I miss Miami now more than ever!
Having been in Florida last year made this homecoming extra special because I got to visit with a lot of good friends I hadn't seen in over a year!
I honestly did not document even half of everything that went on all weekend so most of these pictures are courtesy of my friend, Liz. We started the weekend out Friday night at her house/fancy cabin--we'll just call it "The Lodge" near Oxford (which is gorgeous!) 
We spent the night dancing around, playing a little pong, and having a grand 'ol time!
I had a lot of  a few Blue Moon Pumpkin Ales which just might be my new favorite Fall beverage. Can you tell we had fun?

On Saturday we went to the football game for some tailgating and then headed into the game. I have  zero pictures (I'm okay with that...) but here is one of my purdy friends!
I love me some Redhawks! The pre-game show was great and made brought back a lot of good memories!
pic via my friend Adam

Love and Honor to Miami!
After some much needed rest, we headed out for round two, Saturday night! A visit Uptown is a guaranteed good time. 
And no trip to Miami is complete without (two) trips to Bagel & Deli...but again, I have no pictures. Probably because my bagels were inhaled in about .5 seconds! 
I had a Breakfast Bagel which was an egg bagel with egg, cheese, and bacon, and a Blonde Bombshell which had turkey, swiss, veggie cream cheese, lettuce and a dash 'o pepper all on a sundried tomato bagel. Died and gone to heaven. So, so good!
I rounded out my weekend with a stop in my favorite bookstore, Dubois, on the hunt for a Miami pullover. And (thanks to my parents who love me!) I am a proud new owner.
And yes, I am corny posing/ taking a picture of myself to show off my new favorite sweatshirt. What can I say, I'm just a proud little redhawk! happy Smileys 
I can't wait to meet up with all of my favorites again soon! Love & Honor!

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