September 12, 2012

File Folder Activity Tips and Tricks

Halfway to the weekend! Woo Hoo!!

Today I have some teacher tips to share with you, but first, check out what I had for breakfast!
My momma made me a green smoothie this morning and it was awesome! It had spinach, honeydew, and greek vanilla yogurt all blended together. Simple!

File Folder Activity Tips
After creating my latest file folder game, I thought I would share with you some basic organizational tips that help my games last longer and make using them a breeze for kids.
  1. Glue or tape all permanent parts of your activity and laminate-- I glued my game board on the inside as well as my directions on the outside. I recommend gluing your directions unless you have differentiated variations.**see step 3 for varied instructions**
  1. Staple a ziploc bag to the inside of the folder--This is for storing any game pieces, spinners, or other small parts. Stapling it to the inside makes storing much easier and less of a chance of losing pieces. I'm not sure why I chose to staple mine upside down. you could just as easily staple it hanging from the top...

From here kids can easily open the bag, take out the materials, and flip the baggie under the folder so it is completely off of the game board.
  1. Glue or tape a plastic sheet protector to the outside of the folder--Here you can store any reproducibles, worksheets that go along with the activity. No loose papers and it's easy access for the students.
**A page protector would also be great on the other side if you have more than one set of directions; this way you can easily transfer whichever you are currently using to the front or change it quickly for different groups.**

With these basic tips there is hardly room for error when students use the games independently. Storing is made easy because all loose items are stored securely inside the folder, and there is no need for you to pass out papers or for students to ask you for any materials.

What tips and tricks do you use when creating a center for students?

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