September 4, 2012

Did You Notice?

My recent absence from blogging very well could've gone unnoticed, but whether or not that's the case---I'm back...sort of!

I'll make this short and sweet. I like blogging. I want to keep doing it--just not as often. With work, after school clubs, co-ed volleyball team, working out and everything else in between sometimes blogging just doesn't fit into my schedule. That being said. I want to keep it consistent cause I like when people read! Like I said when I started, I love sharing what I learn about life and a blog is a great avenue for that.

Sorry...that was not short.

Here are some ways I will keep my blog consistent (and hopefully keep you reading!)

  • Bring back My Favorite Mondays--but now so cleverly called Teacher Outfit of the Week! That way it doesn't have to be posted on Monday. (reasons explained below)

  • Blog 3-4 times a week--this is a big one! Previously I was trying so hard to keep up with the blog world and post every day, (some people do 2-3 times a day! ) but that's just not for me. Kudos to those who can keep up! You can expect ~ 2-3 weekday posts and 1 weekend post from me.
  • Set life goals--these can be as simple as start my morning with hot lemon water at least 4 times a week. It will give me a healthy addition to strive for but also help me pass what I learn along the way via this blog.
You'll still get:
  • Some eats...

I know what you're thinking, but no those aren't ants...they're chia seeds!
  • Teaching ideas...

This sight word sticker book (pinterest inspired!) is my new favorite thing!

  • General life happenings
You can best believe college homecoming shenanigans will be worth blogging about! 

...just not as often Smileys 
So what have all of you been up to lately?!

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