August 8, 2012

Don't Make-up & Drive

Remember that time I was running late and decided to do my makeup in the car and managed to spill it all over the place in the process?
Oh, you don't?

Oh yeah--that must be my vivid memory...
Let me rewind a bit...
I am terrible at leaving my keys in a designated place consistently. When I was ready to leave yesterday morning my keys were nowhere to be found. It only put me slightly behind where I wanted to be, but I decided to do my makeup on the way to my school training.

Big mistake.
If I wanted to I could blame this mishap on the fact that Mary Kay mineral powder foundation has no separate cover over the holes in the container lid.
This minor, but necessary, missing feature has irritated me ever since my purchase. I love the makeup and it is cheaper than Bare Minerals, but I'd almost pay the extra for the (IMO) slightly better quality and functionality. The Mary Kay makeup always ends in a mess and wastes so much!

All of this said, I guess I shouldn't really be putting my makeup on while driving so, lesson learned!

Don't be fooled--I still managed a Starbucks stop with time to spare! happy Smileys

Yesterday I had Fundations training for my Title 1 position. I got a chance to use it during my student teaching so I was familiar, but the training was a great refresher and I learned some new things as well.
Anyone else out there use Fundations or any other Wilson products? I'm always looking for supplemental ideas!

After sitting in a conference room all morning, I was more than happy to enjoy one of my favorite lunches outside.
Panera, you are so good to me. My favorite sandwich is the Bacon Turkey Bravo which happens to come on Tomato Basil bread. Am I the only one who has ever noticed that the crust of the Tomato Basil always has sticky cinnamon on it?
Not gonna lie--I don't hate it. Strange, but tasty. The rest of my day proceeded without any major mishaps, thank goodness. The night ended on a good note because I (for the first time!) saw the most vivid shooting star. It was like a quick shower of sparkles. SO COOL!

Now I'm off to be a total nerd with a kid in a candy shop look on my face at a Scholastic Warehouse Back to School Sale! 50-80% off of books! I'll round out the day with some work in the classroom. School is oh so soooooon!


  1. I agree that the MK powder foundation container is bad. So I clean out my Bare Minerals one, and put the MK into it.

    1. Great idea! I never even thought to try and open the BM container. I'm doing this right now!



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