August 15, 2012

Back in Session

I know these once a week posts aren't cutting it. I've even been missing out on reading my absolute most favorite blogs. BUT starting up at a new school has kept me extremely busy!
Hey, at least I'm not doing this all day...
To get myself back into the groove of updating and future posts with some real substance. I'll leave you with a few classroom pics and favorites.

And by favorites I mean food.

Sorry for the pic quality; they were all taken with my phone.

And now, my favorite eats since we've last chatted--well me chatting at you...
Marions Pizza--if you don't live near Dayton, I feel bad for you. This stuff is GOOD!

And to round out my back to school days you better believe I had some Fro-Yo. How could I not when they had Caramel Pretzel as a flavor! Smileys I wish I would've gotten my whole cup in that flavor.

Lastly, I want to share my highlight from these first 2 days of school.

Besides the fantastic and welcoming staff, nothing has made these past two days better than the hugs, waves, and lit up faces from the kids of my student teaching class. They're big 4th graders this year! (I student taught second grade) I'll always hold a special place in my heart for those kids. They taught me so much and have been the best group of kids I've worked with. I love my school! 

By the way--did you happen to see that nifty iPad in one of the pictures? Do you know of any good classroom apps I can use with my kiddos?


  1. That picture of the Marion's was just mean.

  2. haha, I'm sorry allison! ;) Thanks so much for all of those links! Can't wait to check them out!



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