August 9, 2012

2 Warehouses in 1 Day

Yesterday's trip to the Scholastic Warehouse sale was successful! I came home with an armful of books and additional unexpected goodies from IKEA!
The book sale was large, but as my friend Katey and I entered, the workers informed us it was smaller than previous sales. A lot of the merchandise was available due to being damaged or dented, but most of it was simply a wrinkle or fold of a book sleeve.
I was hoping for some newer book titles, but despite the slightly disappointing selection, I walked away with a pretty nice load.

The warehouse is about an hour away from me and as I was preparing to head back on the highway, I remembered that IKEA was nearby. Weeellll, how could I not make a quick stop?!
Almost everything I bought was for my classroom:
  • dry erase/chalkboard easel--that I've wanted for forever!
  • small colorful plastic containers--again, I've wanted them forever
  • stamp markers
  • brush/dustpan
  • grey flower rug--my favorite purchase!
I'm super excited about this purchase because it finally inspired a color scheme in my classroom! Can't beat the price either--$20! 
I've been torn about how to decorate since I have multiple small groups coming to me throughout the day (they'll be changing all year) for interventions and extra help. I didn't want anything too distracting or busy therefore I didn't really want a theme like camping, hollywood, etc.

Upon finding this rug, I am now going with the ever so popular color scheme of grey & yellow accompanied by some other accents like lime and teal thrown in there too!

If anyone has ideas or suggestions to coordinate with my theme I'll be putting the finishing touches on the room through the weekend!

In addition to the classroom goodies I bought 2 fun reusable shopping bags and these cutely shaped ice trays. 
The water bottle ice cube tray for obvious reasons and the hearts because they're cute! Only 99¢ each!

Finally, I headed back home with a car full of goodies and an emptier, lighter wallet....but not without a treat first!
While I was shopping they kept announcing when cinnamon buns would come fresh out of the oven. After the announcement of a third, fresh batch I decided I needed to get myself one of those! Instead of eating it right away I bagged it and saved it for later; I had soft serve on the brain!

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