July 24, 2012

The Waiting Game

First of all to those of you anxiously waiting to hear my good news, I apologize. I said I would know on Friday but circumstances have changed a few times since then. I'm hoping that by tomorrow I will be able to share!

My days lately have been pretty uneventful--being a nanny while both parents are home is a lot harder than it sounds. The mom is having twins (today!) bringing the child count to a grand total of 5. The dad works from home and it's my job to keep them out of his way. Easier said than done! 

Over the Weekend
Corey was in a wedding that I attended with him this weekend (which is the extent of all things exciting happening in my life right now) Unfortunately I have only one picture that I took of myself as I left on my way to the wedding. My phone and camera battery died. I felt like a lost puppy.

...cause I know what that feels like...

I did stop at a verizon store in between the ceremony and reception (I had time to kill) and they let me sit and bum a charger from one of the displays for a few minutes. It didn't last me very long once I left though.

I'm super bummed that I have zero pictures of me and my handsome groomsman! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous; I had a blast celebrating and dancing the night away. I guess it will be one of those nights remembered only as a true memory.
I apologize for the lack of pictures and fun updates about what's been going on lately, but like I said...

"Tomorrowww, tomorrowww, I'll love ya tomorrowww..." Smileys 

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