July 19, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance...In My Opinion

Before I dive into bombarding you with my obvious dance expertise opinions over last nights episode, I have go back a bit.

Remember when I moved home for the summer and mentioned I had BIG decisions to make? Well, I'm hoping that tomorrow I will be able to share some good news with you all! I know, I know---I hate being teased and left hanging, but I'm bursting at the seams and had to share a little something!

Now, onto the first elimination round of So You Think You Can Dance!

So far this season I haven't really felt wowed by anybody, but my overall absolute favorite has to be Amelia!
Amelia has phenomenal strength and beauty when she dances, and her unique, quirky style will only help her in this competition! 
**These pictures are from the first week of partner dances** source
Amber & Nick 

I am not a fan of either Amber or Nick. Together I thought their dances were dull and boring and lacking the technical talent of other competitors on the show. Amber surprised me last night compared to the previous week, but I'm still not a fan. I'm actually shocked she wasn't in the bottom 6. I would've picked her over Nick to be the one to leave.

Alexa & Daniel

For the first week, I think Alexa and Daniel had some interesting {for lack of a better word} choreography which may have contributed to America not wanting to cast votes. I was pulling for Alexa and think she's an amazing dancer, but I agree that she was simply lacking that connection with the audience that keeps people in the game. I'm surprised Daniel didn't last longer, but he didn't stand out in any way to me so it makes sense he left.

Eliana & Cyrus

I wasn't the biggest fan of Eliana's last week {as simple as broadway choreography seems compared to other genres, I think it's hard to pull off} but this week she grew on me a little more. Let's hope she can keep up. Cyrus is a-mazing for being an untrained dance contestant. His technical abilities don't always match up to others, but remember this is America's favorite dancer, not necessarily the best. Cyrus has got the entertainment factor down! 

Lindsay & Cole

I have not cared for Lindsay in either of her dances. I would've had her in the bottom instead of Alexa this week. Something about her just isn't as fun to watch as the other contestants. Cole on the other hand is a powerhouse and will hopefully excel in this competition! The baseball dance with Cole, Cyrus, and Brandon is by far my favorite routine this season!

Janaya & Brandon

Janaya is the one person I called right for being sent home this week. Like Nigel said before they announced the bottom two, these dancers are all obviously phenomenal--top 20 in the nation--but in the end there can only be 1 guy and 1 girl. I agree with America and the judges, Janaya just didn't have it. Brandon is enjoyable but better step up his game to keep up!

Audrey & Matthew

In my opinion, the couple to beat! I don't even have anything else to say 'cause I love, love, love these two!

Witney & Chechon

These two didn't exactly stand out to me last week, but I was surprised Witney was in the bottom 3 for the girls. I'm glad she was the one saved by the judges. I hope they stay around for awhile. The Bollywood dance was one of my favorites from last night for sure!

Tiffany & George

Love them! And I'm not one to care for the ballroom dances, but the Foxtrot from last night was excellent! Keepers? I think yes!

Amelia & Will

I already nominated Ameila as my favorite overall, but Will keeps right on up there with her. These two have one of the greatest chemistry's on the show! Their dances have been fun and very entertaining to watch! Rooting for these 2 to make it to the top!

Janelle & Dareian

I love Janelle and think she would do so much better with a different partner. Dareian isn't cutting it for me and would be cut next week if it were up to me.

Welp, whether  you wanted it or not there are my opinions on this season's top 20 and the first round of eliminations! Sad to see Janaya, Alexa, Nick, and Daniel leave, but I'm already excited for next week.

Since we're on the subject of dance, anybody else excited about National Dance Day? I plan on learning this Nappy Tabs routine in honor of and dancing my little heart out! Maybe I'll--dare I say it--record it and let you take a look! Ha, we'll see...

Who's with me on learning this?! I think it will be loads of fun!


  1. When we moved, we LOST FOX!! Which means I have to watch it on tape-delay every week. GRR!!

    I think I'll join you for National Dance Day. :)

    1. Oh wow! no Fox?! Have you tried the dance?! I got through the first 3-4 sections and then it started feeling difficult, haha. I'll have to spend some time on it. They also have a zumba routine that I didn't link to, but it looks just as fun--and a little easier!



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