July 13, 2012

Lots of Calories and a Movie

So you know how yesterday I said I was super pumped for Singin' in the Rain on the big screen? Well, dream fulfilled; my night definitely did not disappoint. I had a lot of fun spending the evening with my mom. We grabbed a quick bite to eat beforehand at a nearby Fazoli's.
For a quick, chain restaurant my meal was pretty good. I am gonna step up on my soapbox about obesity in America for a moment though and mention what crossed my mind while we were there. I was taken by surprise to see this.
Since when is a 32 oz drink a "medium"?!

I know a lot of restaurants have started taking healthier measures (better side items i.e. fruit, posting nutritional facts, etc.) with the awareness of our country's obesity on the rise. However I think portion size remains a significant problem--especially in restaurants. Most people, myself included, often don't know what a true healthy portion would even be.
  • 32 oz. Coke = ~364 calories and a whopping 100 grams of sugar!
Woah! Sitting here wondering how the food fares, I decided to look up my entree---mistake!
I had the Chicken Carbonara Pasta.
Looks pretty good, huh? I mentioned to my mom that the portion was enough to feed a small country and only ate maybe half, but check this out.
Yep, there's my meal down at the bottom sitting not so prettily at 800 calories! Even the salads were packing 500+ calories. Wowza! Pasta doesn't have to be taboo for your meals, just do me (and yourself!) a favor and keep in mind how much restaurants are really dishing out!

The next time you're out for dinner, try one of these 5 tips to help you with restaurant portion control!

Standing on my soapbox may have turned into a full fledged sermon. {so sorry} But, a little awareness about your meals will go a long way with your wasteline!

What tips do you have for controlling your portions?


  1. If I am ordering a high-calorie meal (I cannot resist myself the occasional fettucini alfredo), I have the waiter box up half before they bring it to me. That way, I am not even tempted to continue eating it.

    1. I'm a big fan of this idea. Out of sight, out of mind--and you have a great lunch the next day!



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