July 29, 2012

If You Could Win a Gold Medal

The olympian of watching the Olympics-- that will be my new title. If you could win a gold medal for the amount of olympics watched, yesterday would've been my day.

The beauty of it is I'm actually getting things done while watching! Instead of having my butt parked in front of the tv, I have been streaming through NBC's Live Extra.
I highly recommend doing this if you're out and about and want to tune in to everything. I even had some dual screen action going on when I wasn't watching full screen.
It was nice being able to carry my laptop around wherever I was cleaning yesterday and keep tabs on my favorite events. And the best part was getting to see this guy win gold!
Ryan Lochte--I could watch you swim all day long!

After getting some quality olympic watching in, I headed over to Corey's for dinner and a trip to the local summer festival. 

I had small portion of both chicken and steak with a side of vegetables--all cooked up on the grill! It was all extremely delicious. Thanks, Corey! With dinner I sipped on a sweet red wine and afterwards I had this...
Has anyone else out there tried Sutter Home's Pink Moscato? I love me some Moscato--and sweet wines in general but I think this wine may have been a little too sweet for my taste. I didn't get a strong alcohol taste which ended up giving it a really sugary juice taste. Not my favorite.

Next we headed out with Corey's friend Mindy to the community picnic which is just a small festival with rides, games, and lots and lots of FOOD!
Now, just having had dinner we opted out of the delicious carnival fare, but did have our favorite homemade ice cream.
I stuck with good ol' vanilla in a waffle cone. To die for.

Before we left Corey tried his hand at a game to try and win some money. It was a ring toss of sorts.
He did really well and nabbed two canes right from the get go!
But alas, no such luck in winning the money after 12 rings. Ah well, carnival games are still fun to play! The night ended in the best way possible--with fireworks and full, happy tummy!

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