July 14, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Franklin and I had a date at the park yesterday...

But first to get me going, here is what I had for breakfast.

Nothing special. A bowl of krispies with half of a sliced nanner. The other half I ate with the last of my white chocolate peanut butter {Peanut Butter Co.} Smileys and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

After attending to some business for the day, Frankie and I set out to the metropark! Franklin absolutely LOVES going for a ride. "Wanna go for a ride?!" is his all time favorite phrase.

We enjoyed the great outdoors by walking a couple of different trails. The Frankster had to stop and sniff eeeverything, but today I didn't mind too much since we were relaxing.

No rush Frankie! His nosiness also caused him to collect a few things along the way...

 Sometimes I wish Franklin was a bigger dog so he wouldn't tire so fast, but he did a good job keeping up on the trails I took today. And as a reward {well, more for me but I'm sure Frank enjoyed it too!}

Dee-lii-ciouss! A scoop of vanilla custard with sprinkles to share. Franklin really enjoyed finishing off his portion.

After such a long adventure we were pooped! Who doesn't love spending quality time outside?
Speaking of which, I'm gonna head out and spend some quality outside time lounging by the pool. Have a great day!

Oh yeah! Guess what I saw at Hobby Lobby yesterday...
I know, I know...WAY too early, but I can't help feel a little bit excited! It'll be here before you know it!
What's your favorite outdoor activity to relax?

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