July 6, 2012

Christmas in July!

Now before you think I've gone a little cray, let me start by saying I am in no way wishing away the rest of Summer or Fall...in fact Winter would probably--no--definitely be my least favorite when it comes to seasons.
That being said, it's never to early to think about Christmas! Seeing how we recently hit our halfway to Christmas point I thought I might shed a little light on some helpful planning ahead.

This might have all been sparked by seeing one holiday idea on Pinterest and then being consumed by searching and pinning every holiday idea I could get my hands on.

Here are some ideas for planning ahead {especially once summer ends and we head into fall} which will only help you out in the long run at Christmastime! 
  • Start Shopping! --I know some of us will have no problem doing this one! This idea comes from my mama who announced to us awhile ago that she had begun her Christmas shopping and we should send her ideas. This is perfect so you are not spending a ton of money all at once during the holiday season, it relieves some of he stress of gift hunting during high volume shopping days, and you can take advantage of any good deals/sales that come along with the end of the summer season. Make sure to keep a journal or notebook of gifts you buy, who they're for, and where you hid it!
  • Christmas Card List --start writing a list of people/families you wish to send cards to and add to it as needed. This way you can get an idea of how many you'll need, what kind of cards you wish to buy/create, and budget for costs to mail.
  • Do a Christmas Pinterest Craft -- yes, right now! We all can get a little click happy on Pinterest and end up not following through on anything, am I right? But how about when you're feeling a little crafty these days you make it a Christmas one. That way when the season comes and you're ready to decorate you'll be set. No worries here about not having the time to get creative or having to live vicariously through your stylishly decorated Pinterest board. And if you're wondering how to get your hands on some Christmas related craft items, don't worry, Hobby Lobby has got you covered on world's earliest store Christmas display. It will probably be up at the end of August.
  • Create YOUR Wishlist --and encourage family members and close friends you know you want to buy for to do the same! The best way to do this is to use an online list that is easily accesible by others. My favorite site to use is wishpot.com. Here you can create virtual lists and even upload pictures of items you want. It includes the prices as well as where they can be found for purchase. I also really like that you can make separate lists {one for parents, spouse, friends, etc.} and you can share lists with other wishpot users or e-mail it!
  • Bake Cookies --no, no--not to save for Christmas. If you find a new recipe for cookies/desserts or even meal items you think you might like on the Christmas table, give it a test run now. Why not! I bet you your friends and family won't complain when you ask them to taste test your new items! Smileys 
  • Think About How to Give Back --Be on the lookout for good sales on toys, clothes, etc. that you may be able to donate to charities and toy drives once the holiday season comes around. One of my favorite Christmas charities is Operation Christmas Child. You pack a shoe box with gifts for a child in need overseas. My mom had my siblings and I each pack one for a child in Christmas' past and we loved doing it! This year's collection week is November 12-19th so start saving small gifts to pack! Keep in mind item's listed on the website that are not allowed to be given.
If you're looking for a place to get started follow me on pinterest by clicking on my button or click on this direct link to my Holiday Pinterest Board!

Merry Christmas in July!!!


  1. August? Its already Christmas at the Lobby.

  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas Christmas... even if it's only August. Can never be too prepared though right :)

  3. I always stock up on crayons and markers, etc. during Back To School sales to use in my Christmas Child boxes!

    1. That's a good idea! Plus, I love any good reason to buy school supplies!!

  4. Ohh thanks for the Christmas child idea! I'm deffinately going to have my kiddos participate!



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