July 1, 2012

A Chicago Bridal Shower

Hey everyone! I hope you've been having a great couple of days recently. My trip to Chicago for my cousin Brittany's bridal shower was fabulous, but it's great to be home.

My mom, sister, and I left early Saturday morning and headed to Francesca's restaurant where the shower was hosted. We made sure to leave plenty of time to stop off in the city to visit Garrett's--home of the worlds BEST popcorn.

We bought a bag of the infamous Chicago Mix (cheese and caramel) and then a bag of just caramel (because it's that darn good!)

There are a few different Garrett shops located around the city. We stopped at the one on State St. {right next to Ford Theater} in hopes that it wouldn't be as busy, and there happened to be NO line! {A miracle in the city on a Saturday!} We were in a hurry, but I had to document my brief stint in my favorite city, so I had my mom snap a quick pic! 

Lookin' good, Chicago! It was so nice to see you for all of the 15 minutes we were there! 

And let's not talk about how completely jealous I am of anyone who will be attending this at the Cadillac Theater.
Kristin Chenoweth. I love you. I think I need a vacation so I can stay in the city and see a show--stat! 

By the way--anyone who's looking for a good read and loves a bubbly singeractressbroadwaystar extraordinaire should pick up a copy of A Little Bit Wicked. Love it. Love her.

Now, onto the shower!

I'm so excited for my beautiful bride-to-be cousin to get married in August! It was so wonderful getting to enjoy the company of the ladies in my family while celebrating with Brittany.

I started with a refreshing cranberry mimosa and chose the chicken and potatoes for my entree. 

The food was pretty good {after a 5 hr drive, I was famished okay--maybe just a little hungry} and I ate every bit including salad and dessert!

After the meal it was all eyes on the bride! I absolutely love celebrating big events with family! She was adorable opening all of her gifts and a few tears made an appearance. The big day will be an emotional one for sure!

As the shower wrapped up the guests were given a fresh basil plant as a thank you for coming. I thought this was the cutest idea ever, and I can't wait for my mom to make something with it. Probably some brushetta to start!

All in all the day was absolutely fabulous! I certainly hope Brittany felt showered with love because I certainly do love her, as I do every single one of my beautiful cousins.

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