June 28, 2012

Workout Hair!

I just have to share a laugh I had yesterday from my family's dog, Franklin, before getting into workout hair dos. Let's start by playing. "Where's Franklin?"

Do you see him? This dog is seriously a nut! His behavior has me laughing all day long. 

After taking Franklin for his afternoon walk I unhooked his leash and left him while I got his food and water ready. I called for him to come to the kitchen to eat, but there was no answer--no jingling of his dog tags, nada. After taking a moment to look around, I found him nonchalantly sitting on the bookshelf. {where he could clearly hear me!}
Apparently this is just his routine and he loves to cool off there after long walks in the hot outdoors. Aaand, according to Franklin I should've already known that he was going to his spot and didn't need to be bothered with food at the moment, duh. 
He is one rotten little fellow! 
There is nothing more annoying at the gym than having to mess with your hair while in the middle of a workout. I especially hate this when I'm pounding it out on the treadmill and have to try to re-twist a hair tie or strands begin to fall loose in my face.
With my naturally curly hair a ponytail usually means frizz ball, so to avoid hair problems I try to do a tight, messy bun. But, my absolute favorite workout hair is with my hair straight and in a simple side braid with a headband to pull back flyaways.
It's so simple and hey, you can still look cute while getting your workout on. A ponytail is a fine choice to workout in, but I personally become bothered by feeling the loose ponytail strands sticking to my sweaty back. {gross} With the side braid I avoid the loose strands and anything sticking to my sweaty skin and I can concentrate on the workout--not my hair.
Now that I'm ready and rockin' the side braid, I think I'll go tone up those guns and catch up on my reading.

Whatdaya think? happy Smileys  

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