June 15, 2012

What I've Learned Part 3

  1. Pinterest is Addicting--well duh, who isn't addicted? But I swear, it never gets old! I'm always pinspired and the best part is when I actually follow through with an idea.

  1. I'm no Sci-Fi, Zombie, Vampire Fan--but I am seriously intrigued by this book and therefore feel the need to read it. I was a fan of the twilight books just as much as anyone, but vampires and sci-fi do not interest me in the slightest bit. Maybe it's the mix of humor and history that intrigues me. And dare I say that the movie doesn't look half bad either? Who knew.

  1. The Beach Never Gets Old--It's still crazy to me that I live in a place so accesible to the beach. Saying, "I'm gonna go to the beach today" is no big deal. It's like saying "I'm going to the mall today" I don't think I could get over the novelty of going. I love it. 
Lido Beach-Sarasota, FL
  1. Sugar is my Sweetest Downfall--especially candy! I try to wrangle in the sugar cravings, but I swear I positively, absolutely cannot go with out my candy fix every now and again. Smileys 

  1. Reading by the Pool is Relaxing--and by far one of my favorite summer activities. Having the time to read for pleasure is something I try to fit into the busiest of schedules, but there's something about the combination of the sun, pool, and no school that makes it all the more enjoyable!

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