June 27, 2012

Mary Kay Par-Tay!

Last night a friend of mine hosted a Mary Kay party and asked if I would come and do a makeover. {Free makeover?? No need to ask me twice!} I joined her and a few other ladies to try out some of Mary Kay's newest product.
Now, Mary Kay has been around for a long time--we're all familiar. I know a little bit about the brand because my mom has used it in the past, but I've never personally purchased and used any of their product. At first I had no intention of buying anything last night, but trying out the samples changed my mind pretty quickly!
My first recommendation, if you're in the market for a new moisturizer, is their new Botanical Effects skin care moisturizer. It is amazing! Very smooth and light, but gets the job done.

Secondly, I recommend the mineral powder foundation. I was a bit skeptical because I absolutely love my bare minerals foundation, but May Kay can hold their own on this one. The shade matched my skin great and it's about 12 bucks cheaper than bare minerals! {WIN!} Since I'm on the last leg of my current bare minerals, I figured I would buy this one and see if it will be my new go-to foundation.

Lastly I have to tell you about their newest eyeshadow colors. We tried golden vanilla, lime, and truffle. The golden vanilla was nothing special--just what it sounds like. However, the lime and truffle are absolute must haves!
One wouldn't think that wearing bright green eyeshadow would be "in" anytime soon {unless your name is Niki Minaj or Katy Perry} but blended with truffle and golden vanilla, it looks PHENOM! The truffle would be described as a brown/plum shimmer. I absolutely loved these colors.

Some other products that I sampled and liked were the eyeliner (color-violet ink) and the lip gloss (colors-berry tart, fancy nancy, and mango tango).

We couldn't let our pretty selves go to waste so of course we hit up ladies night for some $1.25 margaritas. happy Smileys
....and I may have also gotten a beer at the same time since ladies night ended 10 min after we got there and I had to get my dollars worth! happy Smileys 

If you're looking to place a Mary Kay order or you just want to take a look at some of the awesome products I just mentioned check out my AMAZING consultant's website HERE!

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  1. I just ordered the MK powder foundation. I, too, am a Bare Minerals girl, but it's so expensive! MK is my go-to for moisturizer, though. And their Oil Mattifier is to die for! Turns your face oil into powder--perfect for super-shiny people like me!!



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