June 6, 2012

Have a Krazy, Kool Summer!

Just wait until you see my latest Pinterest inspired project! I wanted something cheap and cute to give my kids one last, adios!
I'm also excited to share this project because I'm going to link up to another popular teaching blog, 4th Grade Frolics, where you can see TONS of other recent ideas and projects from other teachers! Just click on the button below!
Now, onto my project! Pinspired by B. Jane Brewing, I decided to create my own take on "Crazy Straws" and Kool-aid. Here's what I got!
Get your supplies together...

And download my {free} krazy, kool tags here! (I got my straws from wal-mart in the party section.)

Wishing my kids a Krazy, Kool summer! This is so easy and cheap and what's not to love about a crazy straw?

My favorite part just may be the fact that I downloaded a font that has the Kool-Aid Man's smiley face!
Have a great summer! My last day of school is TOMORROW! First year of teaching, down! Woo Hooooo! 

Be sure to click on the 4th Grade Frolics, Monday Made It button, to check out other great projects! 


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for linking up:) I love your end of the year gift!! Love crazy straws and your tag:) Super cute!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see next Monday's creation! :)



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