June 16, 2012

A Day in Sarasota

Today was a FANTASTIC day! I got up summer early {8:30 AM} and headed to Sarasota with Corey to visit their weekly Farmer's Market.

It quickly turned into a whole day event as we walked around downtown Sarasota, went boat shopping in the marina {I'm gonna need $500,000+ --please and thank you.}, and shopped in St. Armands Circle.
The farmer's market was large but not overwhelming and I was able to purchase a few goodies. After trying a delicious iced café caramel from the Java Dawg truck, I bought a bag of their best selling coffee--Estate blend.
I also sampled and bought some homemade hot sauces and finally some chia seeds from an organic snack stand. I've been wanting to try chia seeds for awhile now and it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

After spending some time at the farmer's market, Corey and I walked around Downtown Sarasota and the marina.
It was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect! I would move to Sarasota in a heartbeat!

My only spot of sadness in the day was when I realized the statue of my all time favorite photo wasn't there! I've driven past it before so all was not lost--but I wanted my picture taken with it!
After a little googling on my phone, I found out that in April the infamous Sailor Kissing the Nurse statue was hit by a runaway car! It suffered some cracks and breakage and is off being repaired!

To round out the day we headed across the bridge to St. Armands Circle for some shopping. Corey wanted to check out a store that carried Vibram's 5 finger shoes and he ended up buying a pair.
I tried some on and they were surprisingly comfortable, but I can't see myself getting into wearing these for running anytime soon.

While Corey was loving his new shoes, I was in absolute heaven when I found the Lilly Pulitzer store. I've browsed catalogs and their online store, but I have never been in one. It. was. amazing. And the girls who worked there were super sweet, friendly, and helpful but not overbearing (which happens all too frequently in high-price stores).
I wanted one of everything in the store. The dresses were UH-DOR-A-BLE!

After taking it all in and sighing at the price tags, I found this gorgeous coral, v-neck, argyle print sweater--in the sale section! I tried it on and knew it had to be mine.

{Because coral is obviously my color}

My favorite part are the little gold lilly buttons on the wrists of each sleeve. I can't wait to go back; I could spend hours just looking around.

What an awesome day!


  1. You can always come to CA and see the "kiss" statue in San Diego!




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