June 26, 2012

Custard is Better Than Ice Cream

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I have absolutely love getting to visit with friends since being back in Ohio.
{I still have a lot more of you all too see!}
Sunday, I enjoyed catching up with my high school friend and college roomie at Panera. 2½ hours later it felt like we had been talking for all of 5 minutes! Time flies when you've got so much to catch up on! Does that happen to anybody else?! Good times and good conversation!
Spring Break 2010
Later I got my first custard of the season at JD's Custard. This local ice cream custard shop is to die for. Custard is most definitely better than ice cream. My favorite is the raspberry sundae, and would you believe....that's exactly what I got!

Getting custard was a great excuse to catch up with more friends. I've missed you all so much!

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