June 17, 2012

Beachy Keen

You may be tired of hearing about the beach, but like I said here, the novelty of going will never get old!
Corey's brother is in town and today we hit up Englewood beach. The water was unusually clear and there were absolutely no waves.
{I had to make up for the lack of waves and do some sprucing to that photo.}

 At first we were bummed {because waves are fun} but it made for the neatest sea creature experience.
sandollars, sea snails, hermit crab
Not only did we find a ton of little sand creatures, but someone also spotted a manatee right where we were swimming! I wasn't paying attention and didn't see it, but how cool!

Before we enjoyed the fun in the sun, we had lunch at Flounders Restaurant and Tiki Bar. 
The first time we ate here everything was absolutely delicious and today did not disappoint! I had a lobster roll sandwich with exceptionally well seasoned tiki fries and a little BL Lime on the side.
I got a little food happy before I remembered that I wanted to snap a pic!

After a good lunch and playing at the beach we headed home...but not without a little pit stop! One of the best things about Florida is the abundance of ice cream shops. This shop by the beach serves up a ton of different homemade flavors. 
Take note of the adorable, different glasses to eat your ice cream from when dining in. How cute!

They were out of my usual, Banana Pudding {with real chunks of banana and nilla wafers!} so I opted for Coffee Crunch {coffee flavored ice cream with candy Heath bits throughout}. It was divine--but I think the sprinkle dipped waffle cone stole the show! happy Smileys 

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  1. Your "no waves" picture reminded me of Blue Clues. I cracked up that you missed Barbara manatee -just like the dolphins. I'm also amazed you broke out of vanilla and you actually eat interesting flavored ice creams! That ice cream shop reminds me of a place I used to go to in Florida when I'd visit my Mom. Gosh, what ever will you blog about when you're back in Ohio?



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