May 4, 2012

You're My Favorite

It's the weekend! Yeaaah!☺ Fun things are planned for this weekend and then it's 5 weeks left of school! (Can you believe we're almost halfway through 2012?!) If you can't already tell, I've got summer on the brain (24 days)! Here are a few of my favorite things lately--some summer related, some not.
  • Pop-Ice--Nothing says summer like a popsicle! Freeze pops are addicting and totally a necessary "feel like a kid again" treat.
  • Field Trip Season--My class has been very fortunate to experience many field trips this year. My favorite was the Florida Aquarium (back in December). Most recently we went to a historical location in Sarasota to learn about a family of Florida pioneers. Being that I'm not from Florida, it was kind of neat to learn a few things and the kids really enjoyed it. We have our last one later this month--a wildlife cruise!
Florida Aquarium

Historical Spanish Point
  • Watermelon--The best summer fruit! It's great in fruit salads, on it's own, as a margarita--I could go on forever. I recently bought a couple small watermelons from a local grower and they were delicious. Fresh produce is the absolute best!

  • Searching "laughing babies" on Youtube-- I could spend hours watching these videos. I recently did this and loved all over again some videos that have been on the internet for years! My favorites are the laughing quadruplets and the oh so adorable baby boy ripping paper. Don't babies in onesies just look so snuggable? ☺
  • Frappuccino Happy Hour at Starbucks--clearly I've saved the best favorite for last. Now thru May 13th get half-price fraps every day from 3-5 PM!

You KNOW I'll be taking advantage of this deal! Caramel Frappuccinos are my absolute fav but being that I'm saving so much money, I'll be sure to try some new flavors too!

What are you totally loving right now?

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  1. fun things ;)



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