May 18, 2012

Wildlife Cruise Field Trip

Well, we finally had our last field trip of the school year! (What was that--like 5?!) My favorite would still have to be the Florida Aquarium, and I think my kids would agree. However, yesterday we did see something preeetttyyy cool on our wildlife cruise!

But I'll save the best part for last! 

...And yes I did remember my boat shoes for this grand occasion! footballer pictures 

My kids enjoyed "wildlife watching" with the binoculars while on the top deck. Later on they did water testing which was neat, but not too interactive. It was pretty relaxing and the rain I was worried about turned into sunshine which was glorious!

Here are some of my favorites from today:

And as promised, the best part of the trip!

(sorry for the video quality, I took this on my phone and tried to edit in iMovie--which I can't stand!)

I've seen dolphins in the wild before, but the excitement never gets old. The kids were so excited by our multiple dolphin sightings throughout the day.

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