May 14, 2012

Weekend+My Favorite Monday

After a morning of baking my Lemon Cake Batter Blondies, I pretty much relaxed and enjoyed my Saturday afternoon.
Later that evening Corey and I headed out to watch a Stone Crabs baseball game (small minor league in our area). It was our school's night at the game for the kids who made the reading club.
blurry phone pic ;)
They were no Dayton Dragons, but it was nice to do something new for a change! After the game Corey and I headed out with a few friends for drinks.

The live band was super entertaining and I loved the atmosphere because it's an open area, right on the water. Good times were had by all!

Now, on too My Favorite Mondays

My Favorite Mondays
Last Monday, I talked about how feeling good about your outfit can improve your attitude and overall day. I decided I would start cataloging My Favorite Mondays as a way to hopefully get rid of having "a case of the Mondays"....or at least help improve them.

Today my outfit by no means made me feel like Cinderella, but there was one small addition that put a smile on my face!
flats-Steve Madden, top-New York & Co, cardigan-Old Navy
My new pink Steve Madden flats! I got them for a bargain at Marshall's this weekend. I have been searching and searching for a pair of affordable yet adorable pink flats for what feels like forever. When I saw these and there were only 3 left and one of those pairs was in my size--I knew I had to have them!

Having my feet feel like a million bucks definitely improved my Monday...the Starbucks might've helped too!

Hope everyone's Monday was fabulous!

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