May 8, 2012

POPS of Color

Today I learned (and by learned I mean--more realized what I already knew) that you can improve your day before it even starts by doing one simple thing...wearing what you love. Sounds simple. Maybe it sounds lame, but I always feel great on days I wear a favorite outfit or colors I love. Today it was all about my POPS of Color! 
Necklace-Target, Cardigan-Gap, Watch-Fossil
I'm pretty much a Plain Jane when it comes to everything clothes. I like to think I have a classic and good sense of fashion, but I don't step out of the comfort zone too often. Just ask my sister (who has an incredible sense of fashion); I probably would've gone sans necklace a few years ago. I know...I'm really thaaat plain! 

Even my fruit had pops of color!

Today I was walkin' on sunshine in my yellow cardi and my new favorite coral necklace. I think I'll turn Mondays into My Favorite Mondays by wearing one of my favorite outfits to start out the week. That should get rid of having a "case of the Mondays", right? Smiley

So tomorrow when you feel like hitting that snooze button, get up! (Let's be real--I might still hit it once) and throw on whatever makes you feel Fabulous!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I think you always are dressed cute. But, I know what you mean, I am fairly boring/"classic" with my clothes. I may have to try the fun jewelry trick myself. Maybe my new image at my next school. :)



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