May 21, 2012

Play Ball Monday

Monday, again? All ready?! Only one more Monday left in the school year!

My Favorite Monday
So, I've been doing My Favorite Mondays to try and spruce up mundane Mondays by wearing something I love. Today's pick-me-up was a comfy knit scarf.
I love scarves because they're easy to throw on, they go with a multitude of things, and can quickly jazz up any plain outfit. This blue knit scarf (which you may remember from here) is one of my favorites because it's lightweight and comfy--and I'm ALL about comfy!

This weekend Corey and I were invited by some friends to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. The Rays call Tropicana Field home, in St. Pete and let me tell you they are spoiled! Why are they spoiled you ask? 

They have an indoor ball diamond. How cool is that?! I feel like enjoying the great outdoors is part of a good ball game, but let me tell you...I was not complainin' being nice and air conditioned! 

And it wouldn't be a ball game with a $9.00 cold beverage! I know right $9.00?! 

I had a really good time at the game and it made me excited for some REDS over the summer! 

Thanks Micaela and David for a great time! 

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