April 24, 2012

Shoe Love

Le Bunny Bleu, where have you been all my life?! These shoes are fabulous! Very affordable, reasonable price for high quality shoes and they are uh-dorable. I first saw them here at Fash Boulevard, and absolutely loved the pair she was wearing.


After the love at first sight moment, I went to their website here to browse the collection. At first I didn't find the pale pink, but instantly wanted so many others. Then, today I went back through the link on Fash Boulevard and FOUND the pale pink shoes pictured above! My excitement was slightly reeled back though by the fact that they don't have my size ☹ (Anybody a size 8? That's the only size left!) I say only slightly reeled back because they have so many other amazing styles and colors; I will definitely be making a purchase or two!

Before you finalize your purchase, take note about their sizing:

Take a look at some of my other favorites! 

What do you think of Le Bunny Bleu?

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