April 5, 2012

♫ Root, Root, Root for the REDLEGS! ♫

It's Cincinnati Reds Opening Day!

Now I have never been much of a baseball fan (growing up we were more of a basketball family), but I do love me a good baseball game. There's just something about that great American pastime--the smell of the ballpark, one of the few places I actually enjoy eating a hot dog, a cold beverage in hand, the players' batting "theme songs", and of course the Reds! I may not be in Ohio right now, but I'm still a super excited Reds fan!

This special day calls for a little gift giving (to myself-duh!), but I need your help! Sooooo....

Which one should I buy?! ☺
Option #1

This one is 3/4 sleeves and may be hot for summer games, but it's a cute traditional baseball tee and has the team name in sequins! I also like the back--super cute!

Option #2
This one is simpler, but still very cute! I like the sleeves, the fact that it's v-neck and has the reds' symbol.

Option #3
 I like the v-neck and the "play ball" on the back, but I'm not totally sold on the black with this one.

So which one do ya think?!

Check out Victoria's Secret PINK Major League Baseball Collection for your favorite team! You'll be ready to enjoy the games in style! Let's Go Redlegs! 

Oh yeah...I'm totally gonna be Rosie Red for Halloween this year! 


  1. I like the one that says, "Chicago Cubs" Dear lord child, Reds? Really?

    1. I'll root for the Cubs anytime they're not playing the reds :)



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