April 2, 2012

Let's Catch Up and Talk About Non-fiction

This Weekend...
First, I bought not 1 but 2 new essie shades from the best place on earth, Target! They finally had Essie's two latest collections available. I've been looking everywhere! These two shades are No More Film, which essie describes as a creamy seductive deep violet--ooh la la! and, OlĂ© Caliente--a red-orange with a pink undertone! I'm in love with No More Film! Depending on the lighting it takes on a navy-grape tone color.

And while I'm on the subject of essie nail polish, here is just another reason why I love this brand! Check out this great offer!

More from this weekend...
Corey and I had a great visit with his mom while she was in town. We spent some time at the beach (Englewood and Siesta Key) and tried Flounder's, one of the local seafood restaurants in Englewood. De-licious!

I had the Mahi Mahi Salad--great, reasonable price and like I said, delicious!

Our Siesta Key beach trip got cut a little short.... nothing like having rain and sand pelting your bare skin! I did however love that beach! The sugary white sand is soft and cool--phenomenal! 

This week at school...
Reading Non-fiction with 4th Graders
My 4th graders' FCAT, state Reading and Math tests, are coming up soon! 7 more school days of instruction--eek! It's crazy the kind of pressure a state test can create for not only teacher but the students too! 
Anyway, my kids love reading non-fiction, which they'll see plenty of on the test! But, as many times as we talk about paying attention and reading everything in a non-fiction passage, I swear those kids blow right past the title, pictures and captions, charts or graphs--the "unimportant information" and read just the article text start to finish.
So, instead of just telling my kids to read the article, I gave them some arrow sticky notes to label the important information that we typically see in non-fiction. It made their reading center a little more interesting and interactive with the article. Hopefully they'll keep mental sticky notes in their brain for the state test! ☺

 Because reading non-fiction is not new and I only wanted them to quickly jog their memories to prepare themselves, we lumped some parts together like charts, graphs, and maps on 1 sticky and title, subtitles, and headlines are all part of the title sticky.

Now throughout the week when they read a new non-fiction passage they have to move their stickies to label all information before reading! Let's hope it sticks!

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